Monday, January 31, 2011

Kevin Durant call out Chris Bosh

Yesterday after the Oklahoma City Thunder lost to the Miami Heat OKC Thunder forward and NBA leading scorer has some choice words to say about Chris Bosh. Appereantly Durant was speaking to teamate James Harden and told him that next time to Dunk on Bosh and in Durant's words Bosh decided to put his "2 cents" in. I don't know what neighborhood Durant is from but if you tell your teamate that your going to dunk on me your damn right im going to put my "2 cents" in the matter. No player wants to get dunked on let alone someone talking about dunking on them. Both players received technicals for the situation that happened during the second quarter. Durant later said " There's a lot of fake tough guys out there and he's one of them" referring to Chris Bosh. I don't know much about Bosh but he doesnt seem like no push over. Bosh is from Dallas, Texas not exactly a place know for having "fake tough guys". Kevin Durant shouldn't of called out Bosh by talking to a reporter, If Durant thinks Bosh isnt tought rather then telling Harden to dunk on him next time Bosh is in the paint prove it by dunking on him. Both these player need to just focus on Basketball ball and stop bickering and for Durant just a reminder, the Fake tought guy Bosh juss handed your team a loss"in your house". 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Celtics Big 4 absent from all star not

Yesterday the NBA relased the starters for this years NBA All Star Game. Starters for the east include newly best friends Lebron James and Dwyane Wade, early MVP candidate Derrick Rose, Knick star Amare Stoudamire, and Magic center Dwight Howard. Many Bostonians are shocked that none of the Boston Celtics (second best team in the NBA record wise) were name starter for this year game in L.A but I wasn't really surprised. You have to remember All Star Starters are named by fan vote which is not always so reliable (ex. Yao Ming starting for West team). The east has argubly three of the most popular players in the NBA with James, Wade, and Howard which a given to get starters. That leaves only two other position, the other forwar and the other guard. Kevin Garnett started last year but it is hard to argue that he deserved to be there over Stoudamire who is having an MVP type season. Rajon Rondo has a good argument to have been a starter but his low point scoring total makes it difficult to put him above Rose. The real question is how many of the Celts will be named as reserves. Rondo is a lock for a spot because there is no better guard in the easter conference and I would be very shocked if Pierce is not named either.  Garnett should get a roster spot alsoprobobly being joined by Miami's Chris Bosh. The one player that might be left of this season is Ray Allen who is having a really good season at his age but i dont think the coaches would put 4 players on the same team on the all star team which make Allen the odd man out. The best chance that Allen has is that the East Team will most likely be coached by a familiar face...Doc Rivers so that might improve Allens chance of making the team. Rondo finished as Boston's top vote-getter at 1,587,297 votes, followed by Garnett (1,407,601), O'Neal (906,284), Allen (890,951), and Pierce (804,838).